You’ve just been conquered

  1. All those who voted for ObamaCare plan to steal the elections. They can’t win a fair election, and they have no intention to lose.
  2. Their next major push will be amnesty for illegal residents. These people will vote for the statists, who will therefore retain their positions in the government.

So you can see that we are no longer represented — we are ruled. This is what happens when people value security more than liberty. They want free stuff, and are willing to sell their liberty to the government to get it. In post-modern America, the State is the new god.

That’s the entire purpose of forcing an unwanted health care entitlement on us; now a majority of the population is dependent on the government for its needs. You have a need? Turn to the government to get it. The concept of turning to God, family, or church for your needs doesn’t even figure. The idea of providing your needs for yourself is actually ridiculed.

I don’t see how to fix this at the national level. The federal government has turned against us, and we don’t have the power to take it back. The only solution may be at the state level, where we have three options:

  1. Legal action in the federal courts. Several states plan to overturn this legislation in the courts. But with Stevens about to retire, Obama will appoint a statist, and we will lose at the Supreme Court.
  2. Nullification. The states could simply declare the statute unconstitutional and refuse to participate, without regard to the federal courts.
  3. Secession. Texas is the most likely (or least unlikely) to secede.

I’m not saying all is lost. I’m saying this is an opportunity to throw out what isn’t working and put in place something better.

What you can do

Just because things look bleak, don’t give up. There’s much you can do.

  1. First of all, don’t despair. We shouldn’t place our faith in government anyway. There’s only one you can trust, who will never let you down, and that’s Jesus Christ. Pray.
  2. Take it back in November. I know I said they’re going to cheat, but that’s no reason to just let them have it without a fight. If they’re going to cheat, make them do it so everyone can see it. Shine the light on their complete corruption so there’s no question about it. If we’re going to lose, let’s expose them while we do.
  3. Refuse to go along with it. Turn the pressure on your state to nullify congress’s unconstitutional action, or to secede.
  4. Get updates by becoming an SNO Fan on Facebook. Also, join the Facebook group called “I’m Voting Against Anyone who Voted for ObamaCare.” These steps will help us all keep connected and informed, and if the group goes viral, it’ll help us have some influence with our representatives.

And finally, make sure you’re ready for hard times. Don’t be like the clueless sheeple who expect others to provide their needs. You have God-given talents; use them. When the big crunch comes, be sure you’re ready so you can care for yourself and your loved ones, and offer assistance to the innocent — children, the elderly, and casualties.

So pack that bugout bag you’ve been putting off. Get your emergency water supply in place. If you haven’t yet, sign up for our Top Ten Survival Tips by filling in the blanks in the sidebar widget.

The country may be going down the tubes, but there’s no reason you and your loved ones have to go with it.


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  1. What happens when HEALTH INSURANCE GIANTS relocate to other countries that don’t govern them like the US Government plans to do? Don’t think that they will lay out many more millions just because Uncle Sam says it will be, or will they just file bankruptcy and then let the US government/People bail them out!

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