Why We Oppose Socialized Health Care

Let’s address the arguments for socialized health care head-on:

People need health insurance. Well sure they do, but people need food, too. They need clothing. They need shelter. They need clothing. They need jobs. The difference between us and and the statists is, we understand that the state does a very bad job providing these things (ever heard of medicare/medicaid?) That’s why our constitution forbids the federal government to provide these things. It’s no longer taught in the state-run indoctrination institutions (called “schools”) that the federal government has only a few enumerated powers. It was designed to have authority in only certain things, all other powers being reserved to the individual states, or the people. Why? Because the founders knew that political power is the enemy of liberty, and they intended to keep that power in check by keeping it close to the people. Citizens have more control over their state representatives than they do over the federal congress. We saw this in action with ObamaCare. A huge majority of Americans do not want ObamaCare, but the congress passed it anyway. They don’t respond to public will.

Incidentally, the very fact that the federal government controls public school funding and curricula is itself unconstitutional, yet we’ve lived with federal control for decades. See how just a little deviation from the constitution snowballs?

Health insurance is too expensive. Of course it is, and it’s because of federal control of health insurance even before ObamaCare. Federal law banned insurance companies from selling across state lines. Result: less competition, increased management costs. State and federal tort laws are designed not to protect patients, but to drive income to lawyers. I know what I’m talking about — I used to be one.

Poor people have no other option. This is totally false. Church, family, community, in fact charities in general, do a much better job of helping people in distress than the government does, and their inherently altruistic nature makes them less prone to have high “management” overhead. Contributors to charities do a good job policing their donations: charities that waste money lose donors. Many religious communities look out for each other when catastrophic illness or accidents hit them. Tight-knit extended families do the same. What would you rather rely on; a family community that cares for you, or a corrupt, self-serving government?

At least this way the poor will be covered. Whoever thinks this lives in lala land. In fact, I’m pretty sure most people who say this don’t actually believe it, but are just using talking points to advance their socialist agenda. There might possibly be an exception for young people who have been brainwashed and actually believe this, but clear-minded humans generally won’t be fooled. The poor who rely on ObamaCare will have socialized health care. That has always meant rationing. Just recall the last time you went to the DMV to renew your driver’s license or your concealed carry permit. ObamaCare sentences the poor to the same rudeness, long lines, and lack of choice. The wealthy will fly to Costa Rica or the Philippines for surgery. Social programs always create an elite class.

You’re heartless and selfish. On the contrary, we care more about the poor than the socialists do. They’re the greedy ones, using unconstitutional government power to take money from citizens and giving it to others. They do this, then pat themselves on the back for a job well done, and then glory in the dependent serfs they’ve created. They’ve turned free citizens into state-dependent mobs. It’s sickening to see this happen to human beings created in God’s image. If the socialists actually cared about the poor they would donate to existing charities that provide for them. But they’re too greedy. They won’t do it themselves – they want you to.

I’m not losing money under ObamaCare – I haven’t been able to afford health insurance for years. But I am losing my liberties, and I’m going to take them back in November. Let’s do it together.


6 thoughts on “Why We Oppose Socialized Health Care”

  1. Lest we forget that we have had 4 terms of Republican rule, but you choose NOW to discuss how bad everything is! We are a broke nation in every way. Our Democratic president cannot take credit for this. In his term he has turned the economy around. You wont see it fully for awhile. Why are you not more concerned about what your selling and less about "hate about everything", any thing bad that Obama does can be changed but the hate you are peddling is a killer. You are trying to change the world with your hate. By the way, I voted for Reagin, Bush Sr.,abd Bush Jr. and look where it got us. I hope Obama can turn it all around. Republicans have shown their hate in every way. They are covered and hidden by the christian banner. They all stand for the rich, and the poore are their puppets. I pray for the good of America but we should all wake up to the coming of Christ. Will that also be Oboma’s fault.

  2. My complaint about big government and socialism has been consistent throughout the Republican administrations too. And as to "hate," check this out: http://www.zombietime.com/zomblog/?p=621.

    Carolyn is typical of the blind worshipers of the Great Leader — my opposition to socialized health care is based on the principle that it *harms* the people it purports to help, and she calls my outrage at this injustice "hate."

    See how this works? Don’t give in — the enemies of liberty must be defeated in the political and cultural realm.

  3. They have us talking Republican and Democrate, they are both the same to me. Instead of arguing political party let’s argue right and wrong. Don’t let them use your morals and values against you, that is the plan. They will tell you that you have no compassion for those without healthcare, how can you call yourself a Christian? They will use this type of arguement against us to bring in Socialism. Unfortunatley, this argue will defeat many Christians and moral people.

  4. I think the difference between the Republicans and Democrats is one of degree. The Republicans have taken us down the road of big-government statism (No Child Left Behind, Campaign Finance Reform, Patriot Act) because of (at best) a lukewarm adherence to conservative and libertarian principles. The Democrats, on the other hand, have a fervent commitment to a socialist agenda and aim to "control the people," as Rep. Dingell said this week. They are actively and deliberately swallowing up our liberties, tearing down the constitution and every libertarian institution in government in order to secure political power for themselves.

    So the Democrats have stolen our liberties quickly, and the Republicans have done so a little more slowly. And they’re still at it: RINO John McCain recently proposed more big government nanny-state regulations of food supplements.

    For this reason I advocate the political defeat of Democrats at all levels of government. In doing so I prefer to support a Republican opponent rather than a third party candidate because I want the Democrat to lose the election. However, I won’t support a so-called RINO. The reason we’re in this mess in the first place is because the conservative and libertarian majority in America got disgusted with them when they had control of the government. If the Republican Party won’t reform and return to basic conservative principles that preserve our liberties, then I’ll throw my support to the boldly conservative candidate.

    I think the winning strategy is to throw out the statists in the Republican party. If we don’t, I don’t know how we can keep the Democrats out of power.

  5. SnoMan,

    I agree, I am a Republican and want the Democrates out of office, but the Republicans are on the same raod in a slower vehicle. We do need to get the RHINOs out of the party. I just have no faith in out leaders, the corruption is to great on both sides of the isle.

  6. Touche to all!!! Let’s all keep up the fight for the freedoms our Constitution provides. Obviously, freedom must be fought for every day.

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