Why the RINOs Want Romney

Why Mitt Romney is the choice of the Republican establishment

If you’re a Tea Party person, you’re probably disgusted with Romney as the choice of the Republican establishment, but it’s not hard to understand why they want him; in a Romney-Obama matchup, it’s win-win for the statists.

If Romney wins the election, nothing much will change where it really matters — spending. Money is power, and power makes money. As long as the government keeps spending, inflating, and taxing, everything in Washington is just peachy, so RINOs sure don’t want a dedicated fiscal conservative in the white house. The only thing worse would be a committed libertarian who would actually dismantle the federal power structure.

So of course they don’t want Ron Paul, and the second-worst choice would be any of the other Tea Party candidates. Newt wouldn’t be as bad for them, but he’s not as good as Romney, either, because he just might slow down the catastrophic growth of government a little.

But if Romney gets the Republican nomination, the Obama campaign and his propaganda machine, the mainstream media, are going to show up Romney for the moderate he is, to discourage the Tea Party vote, and then remind everyone of the R by his name to encourage the Democrat base to vote for Obama. This is the Obama strategy, and it explains, incidentally, why Romney is also the Dems’ first choice for Republican nominee.

If the strategy works and Obama gets re-elected, then it’s a cakewalk for the statists. Fast and Furious will look like a Sunday school prank. But even if Romney gets elected, at least the statists haven’t lost as much as they would have with a conservative or, heaven forbid, a libertarian candidate. That’s why Iowa RINOs are telling voters to ignore the Iowa results if Paul wins. Think about that — Republican Party hacks telling Republican voters not to consider the results of a primary election.

This brings us to what the Republicans consider the doomsday scenario; what if Romney doesn’t get the nomination? Suppose, for instance, that Paul or Bachmann gets the nomination. In that case look for the Republican establishment to secretly support a third-party campaign in order to prevent a conservative win. If Obama wins again, the RINOs won’t be in charge, but at least they’ll still have tons of money to throw around.

The Republicans would rather eat the crumbs off Obama’s table than get kicked out of the house. If you’re going to be a dog, make the best of it, eh?

For Liberty,

Manny Edwards

2 thoughts on “Why the RINOs Want Romney”

  1. What is more important voting your principles or compromising them for a chance at winning? I think too many people compromise the principles and vote for "the lesser of two evils." Or even worse, they wait to decide how to vote until they think everyone else has picked the winner so they can say the voted for the winner, losers.

    I personally am voting my principles this year that is why I support Dr. Shaun Crowell, for U.S. Senate, Tennessee. http://www.shauncrowell.com/

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