SD – 19 Dec. 2011

Blizzard in the Southwestern Plains. This storm is expected to dump snow through Tuesday night. If you’re prepped, a blizzard can be cozy. Just be sure you’re able to provide heat if you lose power. If you’re stuck in a vehicle, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning. Snow drifts can block the exhaust; if you run the engine to keep warm, the fumes might enter the car and kill you. Cold weather tips.

NDAA a tool for total martial law. Alex Jones is warning that the NDAA, in addition to allowing indefinite detention of American citizens, also lays the framework of total martial law, including the annexation of all internet properties.

Copper thief fail. The video doesn’t show exactly why he fell, but it might be that he didn’t know how to tie the Zeppelin Bend. That would have held his ropes together.

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