Why Liberals Lie About War

Iraq U.S. troops: U.S. willing to leave 10,000 troops in Iraq past year’s end, officials say – latimes.com.

TAL Commentary

This is Obama breaking his promise to bring the troops home out of Iraq. Despite tearing into Bush for being a warmonger, Obama has changed nothing, which makes you wonder why liberals pay lipservice to peace but fight just as hard as conservatives. One reason is pretty sinister, but inescapable: politicians love to use power over others, and killing is the most exciting use of power there is. This is all explained in chapter 23, The Reason For War, in The Truth About Liberty.

1 thought on “Why Liberals Lie About War”

  1. Obama continued with most of Bush’s necon sponsored war mongering politics so that the right wing nuts won’t miss Bush. Don’t worry about your grand children and great grand children because the global warming deniers would have destroyed the world for them by then and they will all possibly be extinct like dinosaurs..

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