Casey Anthony Verdict Incites More Slavery Laws

Casey Anthony Case Fuels Push in States for ‘Caylee’s Law’ –

The state proposals, which sprung up after an Oklahoma woman started an online petition drive Tuesday, would generally make it a felony for a parent not to report the death or disappearance of his or her child in a certain period of time.

Lawmakers have been drafting the bills at a furious pace since the Florida mother was found not guilty Tuesday in the death of her daughter.

TAL Commentary: People who have lost touch with the concept of liberty don’t realize that procedural crimes of this kind are a form of involuntary servitude.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t advocate lying. Lying is bad under most circumstances (although it’s good, or at least tolerable, if you do it to save a life, e.g. Rahab). But your mouth is your own, and no state can legitimately appropriate your mouth and make you use it to its satisfaction. It’s like the compulsory testimony laws, in which the state orders you to testify as to a certain matter concerning information you have. It’s exactly the same as pressing you into service, requiring you to perform at the state’s command. It’s slavery.
Can the court use your failure to report the death of your child against you? Of course; it might, considered with other evidence, indicate that you’re guilty of murder. But that’s entirely different from enslaving you and forcing you to report the death in the first place.
Maybe Casey Anthony got away with murder. I certainly don’t know. But even if she did, I’m not willing to give up my freedoms to satisfy a bunch of people disappointed with the verdict.
For Liberty,
Manny Edwards

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