The FNP 45 Tactical with Osprey Suppressor

Features of the FNP 45 Tactical

Here’s a quick look at the FNP 45 Tactical:

  • Has a threaded barrel, plus it’s longer than the regular FNP 45, to accommodate your favorite sound suppressor
  • Comes with three 15-round magazines — the regular gun comes with one 15-round and two 14-round magazines
  • Available only in Flat Dark Earth
  • Raised Trijicon night sights are included
  • Two red-dot sight mounting adapters are included
  • Four removable backstraps are included — you’ll find one just right for your hand size
  • Too big for concealed carry, but who cares?
  • All operational functions are ambidextrous
  • Double-action/single-action trigger
  • Recoil is reminiscent of a light 9mm
  • Base Street Price: About $1000.00
  • Price as tested: $2500-$3500 depending on your choice of accessories

Features of the Silencerco Osprey Silencer

The Osprey silencer is as good as they get. I shoot this gun without ear protection all day long, and if you put water in it, it sounds like an air gun. At 11 ounces, it balances very nicely on the gun. The FNP’s felt recoil is already ridiculously low, but with the Osprey it nearly vanishes.

We did not do a rigorous accuracy test, but bench-rest 1-inch 5-shot groups at 25 yards are easy. Grip angle makes aiming easy and natural, and when you add the laser and/or the holo sight, target acquisition is as rapid as with any tactical handgun available.

Materials, design, and build are flawless. And who can say no to .45 caliber?

Watch our videos:

After posting this video, I got a great suggestion from a viewer named mascisman1, who suggested that we do a side-by-side comparison of the FNP-45 Tactical, with and without the silencer, and we filmed the following video demonstrating the dramatic reduction in sound using the Osprey suppressor:


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