Maxpedition Everyday Carry Comparison

As a faithful everyday carrier, I have long preferred the Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger, but recent developments have persuaded me to switch to the Falcon 2 backpack, also from Maxpedition. It took a lot to make me take the plunge, but I have the satisfaction of still carrying one of the best bags on the planet.

There’s never a final verdict about what you should have in your everyday carry bag — although I’m happy to make my own everyday carry ecommendations — but we all agree that there is a practical weight limit. One of the best features of the Falcon 2 is the seven compression straps. Cinch them down for a compact profile typical of everyday carry, or loosen them and the bag expands to its full volume for a perfectly adequate warm-weather overnighter. So while the Sitka is more compact, the Falcon 2 can be nearly as compact, but still does heavier duty when needed.

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Features:

  • Smaller. Everyday carry should be light and easy.
  • Single strap. The gearslinger design is brilliant. With the single strap, the bag slips around to your front for easy access to the contents, then flops back into position for carry.
  • Water bottle pouch. The Sitka has a side pouch perfectly sized for my favorite water bottle, the Sport Berkey. The Falcon 2 has no water bottle pouch, but with all the MOLLE webbing, an add-on bottle is definitely a possibility.
  • Large velcro field. The velcro field in the rear compartment is huge, allowing maximum flexibility in placing your concealed carry holster. By comparison, the Falcon 2 has two puny strips of velcro.
  • Easier concealed carry access. The rear concealed carry compartment has two zippers so you can open it in either direction. The Falcon 2 has a single zipper.

Maxpedition Falcon 2 Features:

  • Scalable. Seven compression straps allow the bag to expand to full volume for overnight capability, or cinch down for compact EDC.
  • Two straps. Backpack design is more stable than single-strap gearslingers, which tend to slip off your back when you stoop over to pick up tinder for your camp fire.
  • Extra pockets. The bigger bag has more pockets, allowing you more ways to sort and organize your gear.

There are many more reasons to buy these bags, including the legendary Maxpedition design and build quality, but the lists above are for comparing the Sitka to the Falcon 2, not Maxpedition bags to all others. Since I’ve listed more pros for the Sitka, you’re probably wondering why I switched. I assure you there’s a good reason, so watch the video to find out.

Special Bonus Features in this video:

  • Get a glimpse of the new official Survival News Online Bugout Vehicle! See the build-up here.
  • Preview of the Osprey-suppressed FNP-45 Tactical handgun from FN Herstal.
  • As always, SnoMan’s signature humor.

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