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Introducing our new, mostly-every-day survival blog category. This will include notes, blurbs, links, and brief commentary on issues of interest to survivalists, preppers, scouts, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and really anyone concerned about the way things are in this world.

Topics will range from anything to everything.

The name “Surviving Daily” reflects the SnoMan’s view that while we should all be forward-thinking, understanding the signs of the times, and preparing accordingly, we must keep in mind that tomorrow is never guaranteed. This might be your last day on earth — if you have any good deed to do, peace to make with anyone, quality time to spend with your kids… make this day count!

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So here we go with the very first SD entry:

The 511 TDU Ripstop Tactical Pants article went up, and within just a few hours I had a Facebook comment praising the 511 Aggressor Parka, which I hadn’t even heard of. It looks like a very smart piece of cold-weather gear, and I’d love to review it. If you know anyone at 511, tell them I’d love to receive a sample for review.

Anyone interested in tons of info about the Berkey water filtration system should visit Directive 21. They have a LOT of info about gear and supplies for preparedness. This is definitely a web site worthy of your time — check them out.

I’m finding that Facebook sharing is one of the most important and effective ways to spread the word about SNO articles. Please keep this in mind as you browse the site — click the like buttons whenever you have the chance. Submitting to Reddit is also very helpful — and fun.

Because of the astounding popularity of the Osprey Suppressor Comparison video, and by popular demand, we’re working on several additional suppressor comparison videos which should be posted in the near future.

In the News

We have a bank run in Latvia. Now, don’t think it can’t happen here. Remember the S&L collapse? Remember the housing market collapse? Remember the Great Depression? Remember the Knickerbocker bank and the Panic of 1907? Be prepared…….. In Hollywood Tyler Brehm was bummed about his girlfriend breaking up with him, so he started randomly shooting at cars and pedestrians. Unarmed citizens were helpless against the armed gunman — he was stopped by armed police………. Copper thieves in Dallas are breaking into gun-free zones — schools…… The TSA continues to terrorize fliers, in this case allegedly strip-searching a woman whom they suspected was guilty of the horrendous crime of carrying a money belt…………… Meanwhile, the First Lady sets a new record for the most people doing jumping jacks.

Life goes on.

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