Surviving Daily – 14 Dec. 2011

Ron Paul closing on Gingrich in Iowa polls. It’s no wonder — he’s the only candidate with a dedicated, consistent focus on liberty. Only his unpopular non-interventionist foreign policy is holding him back. But if he wins the nomination, look for the Republican establishment to run an independent — they’d rather have Obama for a second term than anyone who will actually dismantle federal power.

Thief armed with hatchet chops off Fred Meyer security guard’s ear. This is a case in point proving the need for situational awareness at all times. Just imagine being at Wal-Mart with your wife and tots, and someone starts slinging a hatchet. You’ll have to get your loved ones to cover in a hurry. Here are some articles that will help you prepare: Tactical thinking, The Bible and Self-Defense, Concealed Carry for Women.

My Time at Walmart: Why We Need Serious Welfare Reform. This is a great article by a former Walmart cashier. She relates her first-hand experience with some of the social parasites we’re subsidizing.

Check out the new EverSafe Emergency Auto Kit at Directive 21. This is the latest product from the Berkey Guy. If you want to prepare your own kit, read Survival Plan 1 – Flat Tire.


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