Surviving Daily – 16 Dec. 2011

Government to monitor all internet activity via new Cybersecurity bill. This is what happens when you entrust the state with your protection. Look for your security to actually decrease — be prepared.

Nine years of off-grid living. A great article from Basically, this guy’s cost of installing his solar panels and propane generator were amortized over 9 years against the cost of installing and using electricity from the grid.

Incandescent bulbs get a reprieve. The 100-watt incandescent bulb was going to be banned starting Jan.1, but in the temporary $1 Trillion spending bill, Congress has given them an undetermined life extension. Sensible decision, but at a cost of $1 Trillion?

Three things you’ll need when the banking system collapses. Interesting article syndicated at Before It’s News.

It’s being reported that the Mormon cannery raid in TN is a fabrication. Oathkeepers originally reported that federal agents had demanded customer lists from a food storage facility in TN. OK has retracted the story, stating that their original source is now refusing to stand by the claim.


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