Surviving Daily – 15 Dec. 2011

Gun sales up 32% more than this time three years ago. If Obama gets re-elected, he’s going to implement the biggest crackdown on civilian firearm ownership ever seen in this country. His administration has already mounted a criminal assault on the Second Amendment — Fast and Furious. SnoMan’s recommendation — buy guns and ammo. Be sure you have some unregistered guns — that is, you need to buy some in private sales so you have some guns the government doesn’t know about. Then hide at least one.

Reuters pumps “good” economic news for the administration. Reuters is reporting three-and-a-half year low on jobless claims, but drilling deep into the story shows how bogus this is. First, the drop relates to federal claims — state jobless claims are up. Second, this is an estimate — look for upward revisions next month, buried on page 96 in a footnote, as they’ve done every month since Obama announced his first-term candidacy. Third, last month the government revised the definition of “out of work” so as to reduce the number. The government has simply redefined thousands of out-of-work people as “not unemployed,” even though they still have no job. Thousands of people have given up trying to find a job and gone to the public trough. These people still have no job and are being subsidized by working people, yet they are not counted as unemployed.

Indefinite detention without trial is OK with Obama… and the Republican House. The White House has approved the National Defense Authorization Act which, among other things, allows suspected terrorists to be indefinitely detained without trial. Now look for an ever-expanding definition of “terrorist” to include violence against government personnel or property, and even criticism of government policy.

Coming Soon to SNO — We’re working on two great new articles. First, we’ll publish an article about the Zeppelin (or Rosendahl) Bend. Second, we’ll have another suppressor comparison to join our most popular of all YouTube videos. Stay tuned!


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