Police Brutality is a Feature of State Security Production

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Whenever the government has a monopoly on a good or service, it will behave like any other monopolist: It will maximize cost, minimize quality, and maximize demand.

The Ayala Brothers can tell you about the poor quality of police services provided in Chicago. They say they worked there, but the police mistook them for robbers and beat the tar out of them, especially after on of them had the temerity to fuss at the cops for making a stupid mistake.

In a competitive market, the service provider responds to customer complaints, or he loses money, but in a police state, cops don’t tolerate being dissed. You don’t need a degree in economics to understand that when your customers can’t give their business to anyone else, it doesn’t matter how bad your service is.

So if they mistake you for a robber when you actually work at the store, you’d better take your lumps and thank them, because if they suspect you’re an uppity citizen, they’ll really let you have it. But hey, that’s just the price we pay for state-provided security. I guess the alternative — a competitive market for security production — is just too scary.

For Liberty,
Manny Edwards

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