Mocking the State in the Digital Age

by Joel Poindexter,

In what is best described as a thinly veiled attempt to further indoctrinate children, the Playmobil and Maisto companies have introduced several toys over the past couple of years that promote drone warfare and police-statism. One toy is TSA-style airport checkpoint, designed for children age four and older, complete with a body scanner and an x-ray machine. The other toy is a drone aircraft. It seems you have to buy burning, torn apart and terrorized villagers separately, though. Seriously, check them out, Amazon sells both.

If nothing else, this is certainly one of the saddest indicators of just how far American culture has slipped into despotism, that implements of war and state control are being marketed to young children. Not that G.I. Joes, green army men, and toy police handcuffs – which have the same effect – haven’t been sold for decades. But given the totalitarian nature of drone warfare, and the callousness with which it is executed, the drone toys are certainly worse. It’s long been understood that sexual predators often use toys as a means of manipulating their victims, so the connection in this case is equally repulsive.

It’s not just kids who are barraged with media that conditions people to become more and more comfortable with, and accepting of, the state’s control. Adults are subject to advertising that in one way or another lends some legitimacy to the TSA and the state’s goons. For years advertising firms have been using airport security motifs in commercials selling everything from auto insurance and chewing gum, to shoes and casinos.

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  1. Playmobil also sold (it’s been discontinued) a gladiator arena complete with Nero-like action figure ready to send a man to his death by wild beasts. The toy actually won the 2007 Openheim Gold Award (independent toy award)! Apparently Playmobil does not discriminate against centuries-old statism.;=survnewsonli-20

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