How To Beat the Gun Banners

Let’s be clear: Gun control, as a policy, isn’t about banning guns from society, because someone will always have them. It’s about who will control them. If you really want to reduce gun violence, the first step is to ban guns in the state’s hands. The state doesn’t want to ban guns; they just want them all for themselves. Obama just granted himself armed protection for life, so you can be sure he won’t give up his guns. The state often exempts itself from the laws it imposes on the rest of us.

The best way to ensure the security of a free people is to make sure they can defend themselves against criminals and the state — which is redundant, really. “When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.” Luke 11:21.

The very idea that gun control can reduce crime is bizarre. I mean, murder is already illegal, right? So why on earth would anyone think that a murderer will respect even so-called “common-sense” gun regulations?

Just so you know how serious the situation is getting, here’s a roundup of the current state of gun control efforts:

Obama claims authority to implement gun control without legislation — Apparently he’s banking on the American people not realizing that Presidential Executive Orders only have the authority granted to the President by legislation. I’m afraid it’s a safe assumption on his part.

New York State to pass new gun control measures — They claim it’s an effort to get guns off the streets. But how did that work in NYC? Or Chicago?

MD Governor to fingerprint gun owners — Do you think criminals will comply with the fingerprinting requirement? Of course not. But the state WILL have a list of all legal gun owners.

Chicago to require reporting of private sales, or go to jail — Chicago’s crime problem is a direct result of strict gun control, and they’re going to make it worse.

Wal Mart stops new ammo orders — Suspending new orders of ammo because they are “unsure of what new legislation might be coming.” The state has so much power that it can stop commerce just from the fear of possible legislation.

How to Negotiate Gun Control Legislation

The Republicans don’t know how to negotiate. Whenever the gun control issue comes up, they take the status quo as their initial bargaining position. So if we have 10 gun control laws, and the Democrats demand five more, the Republicans might negotiate it down to 3 new laws, and they claim some kind of epic victory. Yet that leaves us with less freedom than we started with.

Instead of thinking they need to compromise by agreeing to more gun control, their initial negotiating position should be the repeal of all existing gun control laws. Then, if they compromise at all, they should get us more freedom than we started with.

Now, I’m sure the Republicans are aware of this strategy. They could take that position and carry it out, but they never choose to do it. Why? I think it’s simply because they don’t mind additional state power. In fact, they favor it. It’s just that they represent voters who don’t want to give up more freedom, so they have to pretend to fight for them. That way they can continually get re-elected, and continually expand state power.

I know what you’re wondering — “Hey, SnoMan, if you don’t think we can count on the Republicans, how do you expect to win the debate? What’s the point of even trying?” I stand against tyranny for the same reason I stand against murder — because they’re wicked.

If enough people understand what’s going on, we might be able to stop it. Even tyrants rule only by the consent of the ruled.


4 thoughts on “How To Beat the Gun Banners”

  1. Barbara R. Thompson

    I find that the banners that show support or disagreement with the ban control are unnecessary. Those banners are somewhat socially divisive and incurs unnecessary arguments.

  2. The problem I see is that to many people have become lax in there actions when it comes to Gov. It is beyond control at this point and is headed down a path of no return. More people need to know their personal rights and learn to control the conflict in and outside the Gov.

  3. Gun control debate, they all just talk and nothing much info. I believe the system must change to make it even more effective. Just my 2 cent opinion though.

  4. Gun control, gun control. That should mean being able to accurately AIM your weapon, not let the government take it away. This whole ‘gun control’ issue needs to be less about politics, and the republicans playing nice with the democrats, but more about common sense, and what is best for the country. Love the idea of people choosing the best handgun for them, and keeping it hidden in their home – far away from the grasp of the government.

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