Meet Jack Phoenix — Defending Knife Attacks

My good friend Jack Phoenix is a black belt and certified instructor in several martial arts including Jeet Kune Do and various Filipino styles, and is an edged weapon specialist. And he teaches tap dance which, he says, helps in self-defense situations.

You can tell I helped him choose his wardrobe.

He has a new web site, Doomsday Survival Skills, and I highly recommend it. Before you watch his video, check out his credentials. Former CFO for a major US corporation that develops technology for private security and military applications; PhD in Economics from MIT; his doctoral dissertation on game theory is now classified, and is still considered the benchmark in intelligence and logistics; he is a classically trained dancer who has worked in various capacities with Chita Rivera, John Travolta, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, and many others.

Jack Phoenix can kill you with one punch, tap dance on your grave, and then manage your estate for your heirs, so be sure to “like” him on Facebook.

Watch his video, and you’ll have to take my word for it — he’s fifty. I was at his birthday party last month. His first video for shows how to defend against a knife attack.

Recapping the main points:

  • If attacked by a knife-wielding assailant, run
  • If you can’t run, don’t block the knife; cut the assailant’s hand
  • PS, you can also shoot the guy, so always carry your gun

And remember, “If you don’t know Jack…. You don’t know JACK.”


4 thoughts on “Meet Jack Phoenix — Defending Knife Attacks”

  1. The video’s intro makes it too comical. As if they were trying to make us laugh. You could of just went straight into the content.

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