Jack Phoenix the Movie!


SNOmultimedia and Command Performers are collaborating to produce what will probably be the best low-budget Indie ever made. We are officially in production of JACK PHOENIX!

Official movie web sites

I can’t give away all our secrets at once, but I can tell you that there will be info about the movie right here at Survival News Online and at the following locations:

  • The official Jack Phoenix movie web site: www.JackPhoenix.com. This site will have regular BTS (“Behind The Scenes”) production updates, so if you’ve ever thought of making your own independent feature, you’ll learn a lot about filmmaking there
  • Jack Phoenix’s very own survival skills and self-reliance web site: www.DoomsdaySurvivalSkills.com
  • And www.ZoesVlog.com, where you’ll meet Jack’s beautiful daughter and camera operator

You can help with the production!

We have a Kickstarter project with participation levels starting as low as $5.00, and for the right level of contribution you can get a free copy of the movie or even be an Executive Producer. Be sure to watch the funding video at our Jack Phoenix Kickstarter Project Page.

And here’s a separate video of me introducing the Jack Phoenix movie production itself:



3 thoughts on “Jack Phoenix the Movie!”

  1. Hey snowman! The factory plug for your third brake light is most likely further inside, behind the trim pannel of the lift gate. you would need to remove the trim pannel and follow the wires to the plug. Cant wait for the movie!!

    1. Thanks Kevin, that’s where it was! I took off the upper trim panel on the hatch and hooked it right in. Works like a charm now.

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