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In the election of 2010, Republican gained more seats in the house than at any time in most of our lifetimes. And at the State legislative level the results were even more astounding; 680 seats changed hands.

The really interesting thing is that the Republican ruling elite did virtually nothing to earn this. They just sat back and watched tea partiers do all the work for them.

But don’t think for a moment that it’s just about the party affiliation — the only reason the tea party is working within the Republican party is because of the two options, the Republican party is the only one that can sustain a conservative/libertarian takeover. The Democrats are too far gone down the road to socialism.

Republicans will have to watch out, though. The real target in the sights of the tea party is Statism, which is a political philosophy of ever-expanding, more powerful government. It will be interesting to see what develops. Meanwhile, check out the the Teanami 2012 web site.


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