CMMG .22 Conversion for Suppressed AR15

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I think .22 is a grossly underrated round anyway. Don’t misunderstand me; I know its limitations. I know it’s puny compared to almost every other caliber, but I still wouldn’t want a new .22 caliber hole in the vitals. It’s not legal in most states, but the fact is you can hunt deer with it if you really need to. All it takes is a head shot, which is entirely doable at 100 yards. I’m just saying that if it was the End Of The World As We Know It and you ran out of the more expensive ammo, you’d still be in good shape with .22.

Let me go one more step about the price comparison. If you happen to have a machine gun, you can shoot a thirty-round magazine of .223 in about two seconds. That’s at least $10 of ammo in two seconds. For the same price, you can shoot .22 ammo out of the same gun for a couple of hours. Think about it.

But that’s just an aside. What we’re doing here is installing a CMMG .22 conversion bolt group in an AR15. It’s very simple:

  1. Remove the rear take-down pin
  2. Slide the charger back about half-way
  3. Slide out the bolt group
  4. Slide in the .22 conversion bolt group
  5. Replace the rear take-down pin

That’s all there is to it. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

Here’s a list of pros after installing the conversion in this suppressed AR15:

  1. Low recoil — almost nonexistent
  2. Quiet — the muzzle blast is reduced to the volume of a pellet gun. The “crack” you hear is the supersonic crack (mini supersonic “boom”) of the bullet, not the blast.
  3. Accurate — it’s as accurate as your gun, limited by the ballistic qualities of the round itself. Of course, match grade ammo gets better results. Even with the cheap stuff you’ll easily hit a head-sized target at 100 yards. Lying prone, with a good scope and a steady trigger-finger, even an amateur will consistently hit inside of two or three inches.
  4. Cheap — about 3.5 cents per round instead of 35 to 50 cents for .223.
  5. Wife loves it — all of the above pros make it easy to get her interested in an afternoon at the range. That’s quality family time!

Here’s the video. Enjoy!


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