Hilleberg Mesh Inner Tent

Hilleberg is a great tentmaker. For my birthday, my boys bought me a mesh inner tent to go with my Nallo 3, and so I demonstrate its cool features and setup.

The inner mesh tent is a modular addition to the tent system. It can stand alone, under a tarp or fly, or it can actually replace the ripstop inner tent in the Nallo. As a standalone or with a fly, you will need an extra set of poles, or you’ll need to scavenge from the main tent. That’s only a problem if you intend to set them both up, but since the reason for the mesh is to avoid being too hot, you probably won’t need to set up both. Still, if you want a dedicated set of poles, they are available.

It’s easy to set up. Just stake out the two corners at the foot, then run the poles through the two rows of loops. (The pole with the red tags goes in at the head, as indicated by two matching red toggles on the front corners).

Tie the two front guy lines around the loops, as shown — this will keep the guy lines from slipping.

The mesh alone can be set up if you’re sure there will be no rain, but if rain is a risk, hang a fly (like the Warbonnet Superfly) and live it up.

See also this video about the Nallo 3.


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