Geodesic Zip Tie Chicken Dome

I have the best-tasting eggs ever. I get them from my own chickens; I know exactly what goes into them, and have no fear of weird chemicals from factory chicken feed. Most of my hens and guineas were raised in a PVC zip tie geodesic dome 10 ft in diameter. (It also comes in a 16-foot model). It took me and my boys only 2 hours to build, and it’s a practical way to protect young chicks and acclimate them to the outdoors at the same time. Watch the video for a look at the dome, then get one at, and use the promo code SURVIVALTIPS to get a 10% discount.

If you get the whole kit, you get the struts, hubs, drag handles, and all needed zip ties. You’ll need to supply your own chicken wire and tarp (to shade the chicks and keep them dry).

Eggs are a superfood, and I think they are one of the most ridiculously demonized foods around. I don’t avoid them; I embrace them. The ones you raise yourself will be richer and more nutritious than factory eggs. I say “rich,” not “strong.” They are rich in the same way that cream is rich; it’s mild, even delicate, but has a great fatty mouthfeel, and helps make your food stick with you. These eggs are the same way. Eat 200 calories worth of eggs and it packs tons of nutrition for every calorie. It’s satisfying and energizing. Eat 200 calories of white bread or chips, and you’ll be hungry again in no time.

Just to be clear, you don’t do this to get cheaper eggs. They’re not cheaper. You get a zip tie dome to raise your own chickens so you’ll have better eggs. But better nutrition pays dividends in better health and a higher quality of living, and correspondingly lower health care expenses.

Ain’t nothing free. Remember that.


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  1. I absolutely love what you said about the delicious nutrition in eggs. So tired of all the lies and bad health advice from the medical community—you could die from it and alot of their cures!

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