Five Wild Edibles From Your Back Yard

by PJ,

You probably have a food storage plan ready to go with a variety of food stocks, redundancy and shelf life all taken into consideration.  No doubt there is a high probability that you have an assortment of canned goods, MREs, freeze dried and dehydrated foods all sitting nicely on shelves somewhere in your basement.  All of these things took quite a bit of work to assemble and pay for but in your opinion (and mine too) it is all well worth it because when T-SHTF you will be ready.  While all of that preparation is commendable have you ever considered some of the food which most likely resides either in your back yard or within walking distance throughout your subdivision?  Have you considered that quite possibly you have been exterminating, pulling and tossing or simply overlooking the wild edibles which nature freely provides a few paces beyond your doorstep?  Next time you go outside take a walk through your yard and surrounding areas and you’ll be surprised at what you find.  Unfortunately we are conditioned to believe that if food doesn’t come pre-packaged and labeled in a supermarket aisle it should not be consumed, yet nothing could be further from the truth.  Check out some of these wild edibles which you probably have been stepping on for quite some time.

Dandelions can be eaten raw, the leaves and flower can both be consumed in a salad and the roots can be roasted and brewed into dandelion tea.  I’m not a big fan of the flavor because the flowers are rather bitter in my opinion.

The Oxeye Daisy grows like a weed is yards and gardens.  The leaves can be eaten raw and have a lettuce like taste.  Once the flowers bloom the leaves can become bitter.

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