Will Authoritarianism Come to America?

by Alec Sheer, Activist Post

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have forever held onto the belief that our government – along with the people’s willingness to accept drastic measures – would never attempt to propel the nation it is deemed to have authority over, into despotism.

Americans have long held the belief that history repeats itself, which is entirely accurate. However, when it comes to the world history of authoritarianism repeating itself, Americans dispel such a notion as a conspiracy theory.

From as far back as the Roman Empire, we have seen nations experience great growth under capitalism, which was followed by heightened government intervention in such things as the economy. Moreover, the increasing regulations were followed by a gradual slide into despotism.

As seen from history, once tyranny swallows a nation, two actions usually precede within: A collapse, or a revolution.

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