What’s in Your Vehicle’s Toolbox?

The Fuelbox.com makes a very high quality auxiliary fuel tank. Some models are available as a tank/toolbox combo, one of which I reviewed here. Since that review, I have received several comments asking about the contents of the toolbox, so here it is.

What tools you keep in your truck is determined by your line of work and your hobbies; accordingly, everyone’s needs will vary. Keep in mind that the tank/toolbox combo is available in different sizes, so you may have to be more or less discriminating when choosing what to put in the box. In general, I simply keep the tools I use most often, even when I’m just around the house. Most of my spare time is spent tinkering on the farm, and I usually have line of sight on the truck anyway, so it’s actually more convenient than trudging down to the basement workshop.

Typical Contents of a Truck Bed Toolbox

My toolbox is only 6 inches deep, so I’m pretty limited — you may have more room, so plan accordingly.

  • Various types of fasteners; Gorilla tape, bungee straps, ratcheting straps, zip ties, and glue. Also, get an assortment of screws, nails, hooks, sheetrock anchors, etc. All the little stuff you need now and then. Plus, when you’re walking along the driveway and find some weird screw and you wonder where it goes, put it in your container of assorted screws so you’ll have it when you find out. This 1200-piece screw assortment is a good value. If you’d like a cheaper one, this one is under $8.
  • Basic hand tools; hammer, saw, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, socket set. I really like these reversible combination ratcheting wrenches. These items get used nearly every day, so keep them handy. I keep all the screwdrivers separated from the rest of the tools in a flexible cloth tool bag. When I need to haul tools from the truck, I add them to the bag and go. I found mine at a garage sale for 50 cents, but here’s a new one for under $10.
  • Specialty drivers/bits. I got tired of running into screws that required a weird bit. It’s over an hour round-trip to head to town for a tool. So I ordered this set of bits, and I’m hoping I now have it all covered. One of my few indulgences is to buy a Snap-on occasionally. I have a swivel head ratchet that gets a lot of action. It’s excellent, but pricey; here’s a Tekton (same brand as the bit set) for a quarter the price of the Snap-On, but I’ve never seen it, so I can’t actually vouch for it.
  • Jumper cables. I like to be over-rated when it comes to jumper cables. I ordered this robust set, and I’ve been driving around looking for someone to jump, so I can test them out. So far no luck.
  • Socket set. I have a large assortment of sockets, ratchets, and extensions in both SAE and metric sizes.
  • I have a few odd things in there too.
    • Tin snips
    • Pencil and Sharpie marker
    • Twine
    • Air hose and pneumatic attachments for the onboard air. I recommend a constant-duty rated system if, like me, you have only a 2-gallon air tank.
  • If you have livestock, I highly recommend a fencing tool.
  • You need a fire extinguisher. Pick that up anywhere, but get the superb Drake mount here.

Of course, adjust your tool set to suit your needs.


3 thoughts on “What’s in Your Vehicle’s Toolbox?”

  1. here is my list

    Car Kit
    Jumper Cables
    Crescent Wrench
    Screwdriver (multi-bit)
    Folding Knife
    Vice Grips
    Tire Pressure Gauge
    Jack & Lug Wrench
    Glass Breaker w/Seatbelt Knife
    Whistle w/Compass and Waterproof Match Case & Strike Anywhere Matches
    Coolant Hose 12”
    Mechanics Gloves
    Tow Rope
    Tire Pump
    Duct Tape
    Electrical Tape
    Bunge Cords
    Zip Ties
    Parcord (20’)
    Paper Towels
    Toilet Paper
    Wet Wipes
    Cardboard (2’x3’)
    Heavy Trash Bags (2)
    Grocery Bags (6)
    Flashlight (crank)
    Light Stick (2)
    Blaze Orange Safety Vest (2)
    Road Flairs (3)
    Fire Extinguisher
    Snow Brush with Scraper*

    Oil 5W30 (1 Quart)
    Washer Fluid
    Stop Leak (powder)
    Jolly Tank

    Food & Water
    Peppermint Candy
    Bottled Water 20oz. (8)
    ER Bar (1)
    Sawyer Straw
    Powdered Drink Mix (4)
    Iodine Tabs (find singles)

    Small Tarp 7’x3’ (Walmart)
    Emergency Blankets (4)
    Ponchos (4)
    Stocking Hats*
    Blankets* (3)
    Hand Warmers*

    Miscellaneous (Glove Box and Cab)
    AC Adaptor/Inverter
    Charger Cords
    Hand Sanitizer

    Back of Seat organizer with crayons, snacks,
    coloring books, water bottle, etc.

    CB Radio
    Crank Radio

    *Items for winter only

  2. Hey i bought the drake fire extinguisher mount and i was wondering what you used to mount it. Btw i love your videos on the truck and the gear.

    1. Thanks! The base is screwed into the bed of the truck with self-tapping sheet metal screws, and the hinge is attached to the extinguisher with two large stainless steel ring clamps.

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