Top Five Reasons to KEEP ObamaCare – LOL

By a wide margin, Americans don’t want ObamaCare and never did. It is such a wretched piece of legislation that the government wouldn’t let us read it before it was passed. In fact, it is so bad that our jolly rulers exempted themselves from its requirements.

Most people are already pretty clear on why we should repeal it, but we spoke with an anonymous government official to get his candid views about why we should keep ObamaCare. His take:

1. You’re too stupid to take care of yourself

You’re so stupid, you can’t be trusted to provide for your own retirement, drink unpasteurized milk, educate your own children, or negotiate your own wages. In fact, you’re too dumb to get married without a license from the government. So of course we can’t be trusted to buy — or not buy — health insurance.

2. Health care is not expensive enough

Intensive regulation of the health care business adds tremendous cost and inconvenience, and reduces choices — but it’s not bad enough. We need to make it even more expensive by adding an enormous new bureaucracy that will skim and waste undefined billions.

3. The government isn’t yet bankrupt enough

The official debt is only $15 trillion. (The real, “unofficial” debt is actually over $200 trillion, but we can’t have you knowing that, or else you might make us tighten our belts, and we sure don’t want that, haha). Anyway, the way our political system is structured, we’re only sure about having until the next election to tear off as much as we can. ObamaCare represents a fabulous opportunity to do an unprecedented amount of plundering before we get out of government.

4. We don’t have enough socialism

The problem with liberty is that it makes our lives as your rulers basically meaningless. I mean, if we can’t control your life and take your money, what’s the point of getting into this business [of government]?

5. You’re not charitable enough, so we’re going to TAKE it from you

There are people who don’t have enough money to pay for medical care, and since we’re already taking so much from everyone in taxes, their charitable contributions are pretty limited. So you’re not giving enough. And since you’re not giving enough, we’re going to MAKE you give. Means we’re gonna take it from you. But hey, you’re used to it, so what’s the big deal?

For Liberty,

Manny Edwards


10 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons to KEEP ObamaCare – LOL”

  1. I appreciate the criticism of Obamacare. It’s always easy to criticize. What is the Tea Party alternative? Let’s repeal the whole thing tomorrow, let’s also get rid or medicare, and medicaid; great!! What next? You now have more than 200 million people who have no health insurance. Every senior citizen living on social security must now go to the free market to buy private health insurance or pay cash to the Doctor or hospital; good luck! Every person with a pre-existing condition can be denied coverage, great! Every child born to parents living in poverty with no insurance must be delivered at home, good! You need a heart transplant, sorry that will be $400,000, cash up front please. Car accident and you need emergency care, sorry this hospital is private and for profit, no health insurance, we can’t help you. Continued in next comment…

  2. Better yet, we’ll help you and force you into bankruptcy and take are prices up on all services to cover the loss. You’ve paid for insurance all your life, but now you’re sick and the costs are to high, we’re going to drop your coverage, good luck sir. This is the reality of what you are proposing. Coverage for those with the financial means and who are healthy, sorry to the rest. I like it, sign me up!! This may work for buying a car, I’m just not sure if it would work for health care.


  4. The idea that conservatives and Republicans are typically a religious group just blows my mind. I can’t imagine another group that could care less about the common good, which is the opposite of what religious groups are supposed to represent. The main reason I gave up religion long ago. I’m just not evil enough.

  5. Get your facts straight. I read the damn thing before it was passed. Had to run out and buy all new underwear. Then I had to run out and buy more new underwear AFTER it was passed.

  6. He won again and all the rules are going to be as it is for next five years. There is no benefit of shouting, it comes back and……

  7. You’re telling me that drinking UNPASTEURIZED MILK would have prevented my 27 year old college educated daughter (who volunteers at Hospice, the Alzheimers Association and as a volunteer fire fighter and who was laid off and gets 100 bucks of unemployment a week since her corporate employer shut its doors and kicked her out to the street) from having retinal detachment from vitreal leakage?? WOW!! Now, since you have such a depth of knowledge about health and nutrition, maybe you can advise the rest of the sinking middle class where they can buy health insurance that still affords them to EAT. I just happened upon your site because of the good title but I see from reading this article and the comments of your ‘admirers’ that just calling people "stupid" is how you frame your own intelligence. I was hoping for a more constructive article about how to change our deteriorating culture.

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