The Kelly Kettle Camp Stove

The Kelly Kettle is an efficient, portable, light camp stove for boiling water or heating food in the outdoors. It’s smart design ensures that you get maximum efficiency to boil water quickly, even in windy conditions. All in all, the Kelly Kettle is a great survival camp stove for you to carry in your bugout bag, or to store at your bugout location.

More details about the Kelly Kettle, and Introducing Jake!

As you know, the Snoman is currently working on his newest project, which happens to be a movie. Naturally, this takes up a lot of his time, but he still wanted to provide content for Survival News Online. So, he decided to hand over part of the job to me.

In this video, I’ll be demonstrating the use of Snoman’s newly-acquired Kelly Kettle. The model shown is the Trekker model in stainless steel.

The Kelly Kettle set consists of a main kettle for boiling water, a small pot with a lid, a fire-pan for (you guessed it) the fire, a grate that fits on the fire-pan, a handy grabber thingy, and a rack that goes on top of the kettle. In the video, I’ll demonstrate the clever design of the Kelly Kettle that allows you to boil water while simultaneously heating up something in the pot.


So, as you saw in the video, the Kelly Kettle is basically a small, light camp stove with an ingenious design. If you get the smallest model (the Trekker), it’s perfect for hiking or backpacking. Granted, it’s not for ultra-light hikers, but if you’re willing to carry a little more weight, then you won’t regret it.


Great features of the Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle has been around for nearly a century, and its designed has been refined almost to an art. It has awesome features:

  • Chimney design makes it very efficient, so you only need a small amount of fuel
  • Boils 0.7 liters in about 3 minutes
  • Can boil water and cook a meal in the pot at the same time
  • Light, compact, and durable
  • Materials and build are top-quality

Anyway, this is my first video, but many more are on the way soon!


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  1. Grate job Jake;
    After that review Kelly Kettle sales should go through the roof.
    Jake. Can you do a video on the global sun oven?

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