The “Fiscal Cliff” is a Decoy

To live free in this world, you have to understand basic principles of liberty. Unfortunately, these principles are not taught in state schools because individual liberty is antithetical to state power. The last thing our rulers want is for us to understand how they steal our freedom.

So here’s a simple lesson on the “Fiscal Cliff” and how it affects your freedom.

The Fiscal Cliff Defined

Pundits and politicians — both of which are instruments of state propaganda — are in hysterics over the prospect of the USA going “over the fiscal cliff.” By this they mean that unless they “do something,” the Bush tax cuts will expire resulting in higher taxes, and automatic spending cuts will go into effect. The truth is, neither of these events is any concern to them.

The Fiscal Cliff is a Smokescreen for The FED

You’re being farmed. They’re the farmers, and you’re the stock.

To understand what’s really going on, you have to understand one simple thing: the people in power are there to get rich, and the politicians and the media pundits are simply the tools they use to achieve their riches.

The real power in our nation is the Federal Reserve. This is a club with a secret membership of elite individuals who have the legal right to counterfeit money. The way they get rich is by creating phantom money out of thin air, lending it to the government, and then taxing us for the interest. It’s a simple formula — the more government debt, the more they lend, the richer they get.

All the spending the government does, all the “services” it provides whether we want them or not, are merely an excuse to go into debt. While everyone is hyperventilating about the fiscal cliff, the real objective of the state is to increase taxes and spending so the counterfeiters lend more and get richer.

For proof, just look at the latest deal on the table. It includes $41 of increased spending for every $1 of theoretical tax cuts in the future, which won’t come to pass anyway. They never have.

They Don’t Care About Higher Taxes

First of all, higher taxes is exactly what they want. The Fed members live off our taxes — it’s their primary source of income. A politician’s salary and perks are entirely parasitic — all of this income comes from us by taxation. All public employees are entirely parasitic as well. In fact, even private workers who contract with the government earn this income from taxes as well, so they almost universally favor rising taxes. Giant corporations use their pet politicians to get corporate subsidies, so they favor higher taxes too.

So a politician’s only concern is how he can make higher taxes palatable to his constituency. That’s why some of them appear to fight for lower taxes before caving.

Secondly, even if by some miracle they did cut taxes or avoid raising them, the Fed members have a fallback — they can simply inflate the currency by printing more money. The guy who prints the money is the first to spend it, so he gets the benefit of the new money before prices rise as the result of the increased amount of currency in circulation. He can buy a $2 million yacht before the price rises to $3 million.

Of course, by the time the money trickles down to us peasants, prices have risen and our money has lost value.

So the counterfeiters can take our money directly via taxation, or indirectly via inflation. Either way, they get more money from us. See? They’re farming us.

They Don’t Care About Spending Cuts

Certainly they would care if there actually were spending cuts, but there never are. Even when there appear to be “cuts,” that’s only the result of a scam called “baseline accounting.” By law, Federal spending goes up automatically every year. If someone threatens to reduce the amount by which it increases, they call it a “cut,” even though they still wind up spending more. And since they always spend more than they have, the debt increases and the Fed members get richer. They get a good laugh about this scam.

In the end, the fiscal cliff hysteria will all have been a decoy to distract people from the fact that the state will continue to spend money it doesn’t have and tax us to pay interest on the debt.

Understand this, and you’ll be on your way to regaining liberty. Even tyrants can only rule by consent of the ruled.

Don’t consent.


3 thoughts on “The “Fiscal Cliff” is a Decoy”

    1. Consent and apathy are contagious — and toxic. Educate your friends and family. There aren’t enough people yet who object. We need more. We can’t change anything by the political process — it is inherently corrupt. Only when a critical mass of people object to being farmed like animals can we put a stop to this. So spread the word.

  1. usCrow 1LT Jennings

    The fiscal cliff was nothing more than progressive democrats and progressive republicans grandstanding to produce the same result they could of produced four months ago. This entire show’s only purpose was to manipulate the American people, this way they’d accept any bill that was shoved down our throats. Now we are faced with an additional $4 trillion deficit add-on because of this bill, according the the CBO. BOHICA

    Make no mistake this is just another step to advance the two class ruler and servant communist system, a plan that stretched back to the early 60’s.

    On a side note, love your site SNO feel free to check usCrow out at your leisure.

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