The Firebox Campstove


Thanks to an SNO reader for another excellent recommendation. The Firebox camp stove allows you to burn almost any fuel source, anywhere. It’s great for camping, or any survival situation that you may find yourself in. A little on the heavy side, you might want to go ahead and keep your Firebox at your bugout location. The rugged design means it weighs in at 2.2 lbs., so it might not be your first choice for backpacking, but there are plenty of other pluses to consider.

Due to an ingenious design, the Firebox folds down to 1/2-inch thickness when not in use. It’s sturdily made from stainless steel. Since the fire is actually contained inside the walls of the firebox, you wouldn’t have to worry about the wind blowing your fire out, yet it’s ventilated well enough to keep a strong flame going. We boiled about a pint of water in 3.5 minutes without even trying.

In some ways, the Firebox is similar to the Esbit Pocket Stove. I’m a big fan of the Esbit; my wife and my three sons each have one in their emergency packs. It represents a good value, without a doubt. But the Firebox is definitely more sturdy. If you’re going to carry something in your backpack, you might prefer the Esbit. If you’re going to pack something in your car or stock it at the bugout location, you might prefer the Firebox.

Why you’d like the Firebox

  • Burns any combustible fuel
  • Rack stakes are adjustable for height
  • Smart design
  • Stable on uneven ground
  • Compact storage
  • Rugged construction supports the weight of a heavy pot
  • Good ventilation keeps the fire burning

When to use the Firebox

Now, although the Firebox is sturdy and has an excellent design, two pounds is a lot of weight to carry mile after mile. But if you’re in a car, RV, or other motorized vehicle on your camping trip, I can’t recommend the Firebox enough. It’s also a great great choice for your bugout location.

NOTE: Reader recommendations are becoming a bit of a trend, one that I welcome. Feedback is the greatest benefit of this kind of community.

ANOTHER NOTE: As crazy as it sounds, this blog does help support my growing family. Following the Amazon links to some of the items I recommend costs you nothing, but does generate a small amount of income for me. See my Product Recommendations Policy.


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