Surviving at Disney

SnoMan is surviving a trip to Disney in the SnoMobile. It’s fun, and the weather’s great, and everything Disney does is over-the-top in quality…. but have no fear, he’ll be back home soon. Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about the home fort — it’s in good hands. (Free survival tip: never leave your base of operations unattended).

This trip has generated some great survival blog ideas. In the coming weeks we’ll be producing articles about:

  1. Knots. Anybody can tie a knot, but using the right knot for the right job saves time and rope. How many times have you had to cut the rope or wasted five minutes just trying to untie it?
  2. Urban EDC. In a free world, you’ll put whatever you need in your everyday carry bag, but sometimes you have to limit your contents knowing your bag will be searched, or because you’re a guest on someone’s private property. (Did you realize that the entire Walt Disney World Resort is private property, including the roads, utilities, mass transit, and security?)
  3. Emergency shelters. We’ll continue our series on emergency shelters, as well as edit and post the video. Read the first two articles here and here.

Yesterday a Disney tourist stopped me to ask about his Maxpedition Falcon 2 backpack (video review), which I use as an everyday carry bag everywhere, yes, even at Disney. Of course, I had nothing but glowing praise for the bag. Maybe I should become a Maxpedition dealer.

By the way, if you see me at Disney and mention the blog, I’ll give you a free Mora Clipper Companion 860 knife exactly like the one I carry. (HINT: Today I’ll be at Hollywood Studios, but you’ll have to catch me in between meetings as I negotiate a SnoMan movie deal. This is, after all, Where Dreams Come True, LOL!)

See you back at the ole’ BOL.



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