In the Works: Emergency Shelter Article

This promises to be quite a detailed article about building a shelter with whatever you have on-hand. There will be video (maybe “videos”)! It’s a lot of ground to cover; we’re going to build a lean-to, an enclosed shelter with framework and evergreen boughs, a shelter improvised from man-made materials, and so on. One thing we’re not going to demonstrate is an igloo — no snow here, and despite the SnoMan’s name, he can’t make it snow.

Just to whet your appetite, here are some links with some info about building an emergency shelter:

Y2K North

Wilderness Survival Net

Wilderness Survival Skills

And of course, we have the first two articles in this series for your enjoyment:

Survival Plan 10 – How to Build and Emergency Survival Shelter – Intro

Basics of Building an Emergency Shelter

We’ll be back soon with plenty more info on this topic.


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