Solar “Air” Lantern

Here’s a useful gadget: The Solar Air Lantern from I’m not selling it; I only mention it because I think it’s pretty useful, and I’m going to give away a couple in a few days.

A simple pressure switch cycles through four modes — low, bright, emergency flash, and off. According to the web site, its integrated solar-rechargeable battery can hold enough charge to cast light for 12 hours, presumably on the low setting. I haven’t run it all the way down to be sure, but I do know it will last long enough to light your camp or your tent from sundown until you go to sleep. This makes it perfect for a bugout bag, vehicle, or backpack.

At 100 g (under 4 oz), it’s very light. I mounted it to my backpack so it would charge during the day, then inflated it with a couple of puffs through the blowhole. The 10 LEDs on the inside illuminate the plastic housing and the reflective plate on the bottom, casting a broad, even light bright enough to keep you from tripping over the kids.

It has two plastic loops, so you can hang it or attach it to a bag, and it waterproof, so rain is no concern.

If there’s a downside it might be the durability factor. The plastic housing is fairly thin, and I suspect it will get poked with a stick. I’m also curious to see how it holds up under direct sunlight. Still, I think it’s a simple, practical way to light up your camp.

~ Sno

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  1. Sno,
    What’s the long-term diagnosis on this item? I received a come-on e-mail from the Survival Frog people and have looked at 3-4 survival web-sites regarding it. None had a recent review. How’d it hold up for you?

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