Quick Video: Jake’s New Knife

In this short video, Jake will show you his new Cold Steel True Flight Thrower survival knife. It’s a solid, one-piece construction of high-carbon steel, and has a paracord wrapped handle.

High carbon steel is a good choice for a survival knife, because it makes it easier to sharpen in the field. You just have to make sure to keep it dry when you’re not using it, or it will rust. After some moderate testing, the blade has still held its edge well.


Have one?


If you have one of these knives, and have used it, let us know how it performed, and what you thought of it. We’d love to hear feedback about your favorite survival knife, and how this one compares to it.


7 thoughts on “Quick Video: Jake’s New Knife”

  1. Ok Knife, but the very best surivial knife I have ever found is a Buck Night Hawk pre 1995. You can still find them every once in awhile on Ebay. They feel like they mold to your hand, razor sharp, hold an edge, and are great for everyday use as well as combat.

  2. The knife looks sleek! I would prefer stainless and digital appliances now after listening to the fire protection wa talk yesterday. They said that some appliances, especially the old ones are defective and may cause fire.

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  4. Wow, that knife looks a lot smaller on photo but it looks big in the video. I wonder how comfortable the blade is-probably not as good as the Ka-Bar’s leather.

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