Preppers — Enemies of the State

Self-reliant individuals are, in the state’s own estimation, enemies of the state. You’re being targeted because you’re not dependent on them. The state profits from dependency, and self-reliance affects their bottom line. But if you’re thinking you should just hunker down and disappear from the radar, think again. You can hide from mindless dependents panicking after a power outage, but you can’t hide from the state.

How Dependency Makes Some People Rich and Powerful

Let’s take our criminal justice system as an example of how dependency makes some people rich. In our system, the state has a monopoly on the administration of justice, which includes law enforcement and the courts. We in the USA have the highest incarceration rate in the “free” world. All those inmates are housed in prisons at taxpayer expense. The police that arrest them are taxpayer-supported, as are the prosecutors, the judges, and the court-appointed public defenders.

Every step in the process is publicly funded; there are a lot of jobs involved — it’s not just the convicts who are dependent on the state for their sustenance. And it’s not just the jobs. Consider the infrastructure; the buildings, equipment, and suppliers. Police need cars, guns, uniforms, and offices. Judges need courtrooms, computers, and staff. Prisons contract for linen services and food. We’re talking billions of dollars at stake — and what would happen if criminality dropped? If the state were actually successful in reducing crime, a lot of these public dependents would be out of work.

Now look what’s happening in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, federal lawmakers are calling for more gun control. Despite the fact that most mass shootings occur in so-called “gun free zones,” the state wants to create more of them. Moreover, the state-friendly mass media don’t report the fact that mass shootings are almost always stopped by armed citizens when they occur in areas that don’t ban gunsThey’re not concerned with stopping gun violence, but creating more of it

Remember what Rahm Emmanuel said: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste… it’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before.” Maybe the state just waits for a good crisis to come along, like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. But considering that nearly every mass shooting in the last two decades is linked to state-regulated psychiatric treatment, it leaves me wondering if the state is actually causing the crises that give them the ammo for more gun-control.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Operation Fast and Furious was a government-run program to arm Mexican drug cartels with American guns, just so the government could complain about the fact that the cartels were being armed with American guns, so they could be banned. In other words, the government itself created a gun crisis so it could ban guns.

How You Can Protect Yourself

OPSEC and a low profile can keep you off the radar when the hungry hordes flee the city in search of food, but it won’t protect you from the state. It has too many resources. So OPSEC is good, but it’s not enough.

In order to protect ourselves, we’re going to have to do something new. We’re going to have to take a hard line on freedom. We’re going to have to strike the beast where it really counts — the purse. The only way to stop them is to cut off their money. They spend money attacking our independence, and they get it all from us, so we have to stop them from taking it. If you want to preserve your freedom and independence, you’re going to have to take a new approach whenever someone mentions taxes — you’ll have to say “no.”

No matter the reason, no matter the rationale, whatever “need” they advance, the answer must always be “no.” No new taxes. No old taxes. Cut everything. And I mean that — absolutely everything. Roads, defense, police, health care, social security, FEMA, research, education, food stamps, whatever.

The only way the state can do anything is with our consent, whether explicit or implied. Withdraw your consent.

And don’t expect politicians to go along with you — their salaries, travel, healthcare, and pension are all paid by you. They’re not going to cut taxes by any meaningful amount. We’re going to have to change minds within our immediate circles of influence. Family, friends, neighborhood, church, and community.

We have to start a revolution of the mind — we need minds that don’t accept the premise that everything we own is only at the pleasure of the state, or we’ll eventually lose everything.

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12 thoughts on “Preppers — Enemies of the State”

  1. Already saying no to new taxes. Every time someone puts a new levee or tax or whatever on the ballot here, that will raise taxes (be it real estate taxes, sales taxes, or whatever kind of taxes), my wife and I vote ‘No’ (if there was a "Hell No!" selection, I’d make that!)

    But apparently that isn’t enough.

    Now it’s time to apply the heat to the feet of those we’ve elected, making sure they understand that we are already overtaxed. And aside from that, voting with our feet to less taxed areas. I think a lot of people from California are doing that already. I just hope they understand things are different out here in the real world.

  2. Thus says The Lord God, THE GOD, The God of Israel, The God of all: I am coming down in My anger, and wrath shall blaze before Me! I shall fulfill My judgment, for it has come! It shall no more tarry, for the time has come!… Behold! I shall consume and destroy, tear down and make an end!

    Woe to you, O mighty and perverse nation,
    For you stand united and proud!…


    Woe to you! WOE TO YOU! Says The Lord God…

    The Lord of hosts is My name, The Everlasting.

    Behold, your travail has come, O proud and perverse nation! You are undone! For I, even I, shall divide you, and bring you very low! Says The Lord in His anger. For I have called to you, yet you have not answered! I have spoken to you, even arising early and sending My servants, the prophets, yet you turn to Me a deaf ear!… Behold, your Savior does continually speak to you, yet you want no part with Him!
    Sorrows, bitter sorrows, many tears… I take no pleasure at all in your dismemberment, says The Lord. For you have not answered, neither have you repented of all these abominations, neither have you turned aside. Yet you run, yes you run, running headlong toward your destruction while shaking your fists toward Heaven.

    Therefore, listen and understand:

    It is not covered, neither is it hidden!…

    A parading of your whoredoms, vanities, greed and licentiousness!…


    Even to the destroying of the innocent, without remorse!…

    Man with man, woman to woman, to the polluting of marriage,
    Of which I had sanctified in My own name!…

    The defiling of flesh, even of this temple I have given you!…


    Therefore, thus says The Lord your Maker, yes I, The Creator of all things!… Thus says The Lord God: You have hastened the Day, O perverse and arrogant generation! Even you have hastened the Day! It shall no more tarry! Judgment has come, it is here! My arm is out-stretched! You are fallen!… Undone, says The Lord.
    For I have indeed called to you, and in return what do I hear?!… BLASPHEMIES of such a kind!… Of which your forefathers would have never accepted! For I tell you, if they were able to behold it, if they had lived to see the day, their hearts would have waxed cold, with their faces paling, their eyes gathering blackness… And yet you neigh, being led from here to there, as though you had no mind or spirit at all!

    read the rest:

      1. Yeah, except that it’s not from the Bible. That is a modern creation, hence the faux 17th-century English and awkward references to wording used in actual verses that somehow completely forgot the original material. It’s also not cogent in a way that’s hard to describe, but I haven’t read the entire original work, which is quite sprawling.

  3. I disagree with the way we’re conceptualizing taxes here. The solutions aren’t "no new taxes" or "end taxation." After all, government does hold some very useful functions, such as public education (enabling specialization of roles, which is the only way modern scientific advances can occur) and transportation. The problem is that we don’t look at our taxes as a contribution to society. And with good reason, unfortunately. The government has lost our respect to the point that very few can take pride in their tax dollars. And this goes for everyone, regardless of political bent. So the solution is not to change taxation, but to change spending; taxation will naturally follow suit to meet the transformed budget (once debt is taken care of). The horse leads the cart.

    I found this instructive on a broader, philisophical level (and a true Davy Crockett story):

  4. Mike, "Public Education"? Are you serious? They are GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS!!!!!!!! It makes no sense to say "Let me keep my guns but take my kids!" Federally-funded education is NOT a function of the government! Take a look at history and better yet, go check out the movie "IndoctriNation"!

  5. theeducationvigilante

    Mike, I must respectfully disagree with you 100%. I’m a government school teacher and watch first hand how government screws up kids…some for life. More money in the sink hole called Public Education is certainly not the answer. First, get educated on what really is going on in factory schools. Schooling is a totally different animal than being educated. "Free" education is NOT free. Money stolen at the point of a government gun (IRS) is not free my friend.
    For you to be educated, look outside the box of propaganda sold to you. I don’t fault you for your views. I’m surrounded daily with folks still caught in the Matrix.
    Here’s your homework assignment: Read anything by John Taylor Gatto.
    Also have a few articles on schooling at my other site:
    Be open to the truth and break free. Good luck!

  6. So by not paying the taxes you are opting to come right out and directly oppose what you don’t agree with, correct? If so, don’t you think a lot of people will simply end up in jail because the government can do that if they decide? Or is that not how it works?

  7. Mike, I don’t disagree with you 100% as “theeducationvigilante” though he does have some valid points. I however, wish that you would keep in mind that words have meaning ~ the constant misuse of words changes their meaning i.e. democracy vs republic, this may seem a simple thing however, it’s long term effect is devastating.

    The use of the word “state” is what troubles me ~ yes, we all know what you mean (hopefully) however, the state and central or federal government as now refer to it were never meant to mean the same thing. As we are a Constitutional Federalist Republic i.e. the state(s) has the power to create a central or federal government and the states power is derived from people we should take care in the way we use the word “state” as much as we use the democracy vs republic!

    The majority of problems we face as a people could be resolved with a intuitive understand of our founding document. I believe as Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Lincoln; that the Declaration of Independence was our founding document and that the Constitution was the instruction manual for its implementation. These are founding principles that cannot be set-aside for convenience as we’ve done so many times in the last sixty years.

    There are no greater earthly principles then; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as they are endowed by our Creator, not principles decided by government or a political figure that may arise from time to time, when man is at his weakest, when he is angry and vengeful.

    I agree with you force of arms against the federal government is without question, a terrible choice. We do have other choices provided in the Constitution ~ a convention of states as a means for us to bring the federal in line with it’s founding purpose. Should the federal government set aside or fail to follow the will expressed and approved well . . . . .

    I’m reminded of the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King; if a man hasn’t discovered something he is willing to die for, he isn’t fit to live.


    As history has repeated shown, there comes a time when the liberty of men has been assailed to such a degree that men will seek neither justice nor vengeance, they will demand a reckoning. ~ A Arizonian

    The choice at this point in time is still ours!

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