Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger — Ideal Everyday Carry

Update 04 January 2011

One of the most important items in your EDC bag is your water supply. What if you get stuck with just your EDC bag? I mean, you can’t carry three days’ worth of water with you everywhere you go.

I think the perfect solution is the Sport Berkey water bottle with built-in filtration. You can refill it almost anywhere — even a pond or a ditch. Watch this video in which we test it with murky pond water!

This has been an update. The original article appears below.

This bag is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable mid-sized everyday carry bag that will pack a standard sized semi-auto like the Glock 21. I was a big fan of the Fatboy Versipack (read the review), but when I received the Sitka for this review I was won over. Its perfect balance of CCW capacity, features, comfort, and light weight make it the best everyday carry solution I’ve ever seen.

The Sitka is large enough to carry more than I need for everyday readiness. This means that there will be some unused space in the bag, but as I explain in the video below, the nice thing about a larger bag is that it can do a big bag job, but it can do a little bag job too. By packing only what you need for everyday carry, you can keep the weight down and go all day without any discomfort whatsoever. As a bonus, you have plenty of room to store additional items you might pick up during the day.

Not that this bag is very large. It won’t do for a three-day pack, but that’s not what it’s designed for. It’s small enough to feel light and comfortable all day. And like everything else from Maxpedition, the quality is without compromise. So ditch that compact or sub-compact CCW and step up to a big-bore carry bag. It’s one of the most comfortable concealed carry systems around, and it is available in our Store via the most trusted retailer on the web — Amazon.


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  1. This is a good idea for a graduation gift for Josh…thanks for all the detailed information! It makes it easier to make a decision in the overwhelming world of bags/backpacks.

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