Knob Creek Machinegun Shoot

Would you like to buy a machine gun for around $1000 instead of $15,000 to $20,000? Sign the online petition to re-open the machine gun registry and make civilian owned machine guns more affordable.

Want to be a hero to your kids? Looking for cheap family fun with thousands of other people? Plan to attend the Fall 2010 Knob Creek machine gun shoot in West Point, Kentucky, right next to Fort Knox. It’s only $10 per adult and $5 for kids. The Saturday Knob Creek night shoot is a literally ground-shaking display of civilian firepower like you’ve never seen.

Check out the video:

My boys said it was far and away the coolest thing they’ve ever seen. There were miniguns, belt-fed guns of every kind, small arms, tracer rounds, incendiary rounds, armor-penetrating steel core rounds, even a canon. They open the range in-between shoots and let you roam around inspecting the targets. You can check out the trucks, cars, and boats destroyed by the guns and take spent rounds home as souvenirs.

Other targets included propane bottles, giant rolls of paper, and dishwashers. Kids love to see the mayhem inflicted on the targets. The incendiary rounds are so hot they actually set fire to the metal frames of the vehicles used as targets.

It’s legal for civilians to own machine guns, but there are two important caveats:

  1. They must be registered. This is an unconstitutional limitation on ownership, but hey, the government ignores its constitutional limitations as a matter of course, and a great majority of US citizens simply don’t care.
  2. You cannot register any machine guns manufactured after May 19, 1986, which means that the number of transferable machine guns is fixed. Thus, it’s impossible for the laws of supply and demand to work, and the price of machine guns is constantly increasing.

You can find machine guns for sale online for a few thousand dollars and up. Buy one while you still can, and if you want to bring prices down, lobby the Congress to reopen the machine gun registry. This will drop the price of an M16 to around $1000 and make it much more affordable for working families who need a good home defense weapon.

Don’t forget to sign the online petition to re-open the machine gun registry so civilian-owned machine guns will be more affordable.


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