How to Tie Survival Lanyards

Paracord Survival lanyards are an under-appreciated piece of survival gear. They are a great way to store paracord in a small, compact size. This video will show you how to tie one weave into a survival lanyard.

Many people use this specific weave for making bracelets. I’m experimented with a few different designs, but I really haven’t found a fastening method I like. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

This weave is nice for making small lanyards for keychains, but if you double- or even triple-stitch the lanyard, it’s a great way to store paracord for emergencies. Granted, it’s not quick to unravel, but if you’re in a wilderness survival situation, you should have plenty of time.



Some Common Uses for the Lanyard:

  • keychain
  • attaching to zippers
  • (multi-stitched) paracord “survival  bar

I know how to make several other kinds of lanyards, some decorative, others more practical. So look out for more videos coming soon!


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