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Jack Mackerel – A Great Food Stock

SnoManNovember 8, 20104 min read
Jack Mackerel – A Great Food Stock

High in protein and the currently popular Omega-3 fatty acids, wild caught in deep waters, and with a very short list of ingredients, canned Jack Mackerel is one of the best values in emergency (or everyday!) food stocks. Price This…

How to Survive Without Disposable Diapers

SnoManOctober 4, 20105 min read

If you had to bug out with the tiny tots in your family, what would you do when the disposable diapers ran out? Full disclosure: I’ve had lots of children, and I’m a big fan of disposable diapers. They’re convenient.…

Super Salmon Comparison Test

SnoManAugust 25, 20105 min read
Super Salmon Comparison Test

Chicken of the Sea Canned wild caught salmon is a premium emergency or everyday food. Price, quality, and taste vary, however, and if you’re going to stock large quantities, a bit of research is in order. To help with that,…

Survival Plan 6 – Emergency Water Supply

SnoManMarch 20, 20106 min read

There is a single, all-important, overarching concept you need to grasp in order to execute any effective survival plan: you need a continuous, safe, plentiful supply of water. I state this concept first, before a list of rules, because it…

Top Ten Survival Tips – Part 1

SnoManMarch 3, 20105 min read

These tips will help you focus on the most important steps you can take to prepare for extended power outages and natural disasters. They vary in importance depending on your circumstances. Urban, suburban, rural, and wilderness living all require different…

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