Government "Monitoring" News and Social Media

According to a report at Infowars, our taxes will pay for the government to monitor Internet news and social media outlets 24/7/365. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems was awarded the contract to monitor news media web sites, as well as social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Department of Homeland Security has issued guidelines instructing them to monitor the web for media reports and comments that “reflect adversely” on the agency or the federal government.

That’s right. If you post something critical about the government on Facebook, you’d better know they’re watching.

So let them read this. Let me just go on record right now, so there’s no doubt about it: I’m highly critical of the federal government. It is an overbearing, fascistic, oppressive, and mostly unconstitutional exercise of privilege for a large number of parasitic despots with an insatiable appetite for power and money. All good citizens should hearken back to the principles of liberty and limited constitutional government that once made America the beacon of liberty to this dark world.

And then they should elect representatives who will dismantle the vast bulk of the federal power structure, eliminate 95% of all federal jobs, regulations, and expenditures.

Only then will we see again a glimmer in the torch of liberty.

Don’t let them scare you. For the love of our great nation, if you find something about the government that’s worth criticizing, do it.

And while you’re at it, write your representatives demanding that they defund this atrocious Big Brother surveillance immediately.

For Liberty,

Manny Edwards

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  1. Great post Manny and crazy at the same time! I just don’t get it brother. When can we stop all the Government interference? Site is looking awesome btw. Wow!

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