GlowPak Glow Light Medium Size

Product Description

The GlowPak is a fantastic backup lighting system for first responders, campers, hikers, and everyday emergency preppers. It uses no batteries or bulbs, requires no chemical activation, and is reusable forever.

Unlike chemical lights, it doesn’t just shine a few hours and expire. It glows all night and can be recharged the next day with any available light source, like daylight, candle light, or even a flashlight. Just a few seconds of exposure will give you hours of usable light.

It’s true that chemical lights like Cyalume are brighter. They certainly have their uses — I carry two in my everyday carry bag. But chemical lights only work once, for a few hours, and then they’re discarded.

But GlowPaks last forever!

Here’s another video demonstrating the GlowPak. [NOTE: The manufacturer is no longer offering the 2-for-1 sale]


Advantages of the GlowPak emergency light

  • No bulbs
  • No batteries
  • No chemicals
  • Rain proof
  • Wind proof
  • Water proof — even works under water
  • Stows easily, even rolls up
  • Lightweight
  • Glows all night
  • Reusable forever
  • Dozens of uses — camping, hiking, sailing, first responders, backpacking, bug out bag, everyday carry bag, power outages, diving, caving, concerts, natural disasters, trail markers, dog-walking.

How bright are they?

After charging your GlowPak with bright daylight or a flashlight, for about two hours it will light a 4-man tent well enough to hang from the ceiling and find items on the floor and see other people in the tent. It will gradually glow dimmer. Around 8 hours later, you will still be able to hold the GlowPak over an area like a night stand and find your glasses, keys, or lip balm, but it will no longer be bright enough to light the whole tent.

How long do they last?

  • Years! You can recharge your GlowPak for years. In each lighting cycle, it will be brightest immediately after exposure to light, growing gradually dimmer during the night.
  • General illumination — about two hours. For about two hours it will light a 4-man tent well enough to avoid tripping on shoes or sleeping people.
  • Local illumination — about 8 more hours. The light will grow dimmer all night, but even just before daybreak, you can hold it close to your sleeping bag to find your shoes or keys.
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