FED Head: ‘Gold Isn’t Money’

Chairman Ben Bernanke faced-off with Fed-hating Representative Ron Paul during his monetary policy report to Congress on Wednesday. The head of the Fed was forced to respond to accusations of enriching already rich corporations while failing to help Main Street, while he was pushed on his views on gold. “Gold isn’t money,” Bernanke said. (See video below).

via Bernanke Fights Ron Paul In Congress: ‘Gold Isn’t Money’ – Agustino Fontevecchia – Moral Hazard – Forbes.

TAL Commentary: Of course the head of the Fed would say that. The Fed is nothing more than a legalized monopoly of counterfeiting. If people used commodity money like gold, the members of this elite counterfeiting ring would be out several hundred billion dollars a year in income.

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  1. Great post Manny! If more people realized how bad our situation is, it would wake them up to how BIG our government has become. Furthermore, I noticed that we are at risk of not being able to send Social Security checks within the next week I think it is on the debt ceiling issue. I wish so bad we could withhold all the checks from the one-term retired politicians shortly thereafter so they can feel that pain themselves. Thanks for posting!

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