Cool New Video and RSS Feeds at SNO

At Survival News Online, our goal is to help you prepare for any emergency or survival situation. We’re always providing more information about survival and emergency preparedness and making it easier to find it, or more interesting to watch.

With this in mind, we’ve recently added some cool new features to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Take a look:

New video menu. Now you can watch all of our videos right here on SNO. We have broken down the videos into categories, so you can focus on the ones you’re interested in. For example, if you have no interest in guns, you can just watch just the videos about survival gear. We have the following new pages for your viewing pleasure:

By the time you read this, we may have added more — just mouse over “Videos” in the menu to find out.

New Category Specific RSS. RSS is an easy, convenient way to automatically send to one place all the different stuff on the internet that you’re interested in. For instance, if every morning you read the latest from World Net Daily and Lew Rockwell, and you watch the latest SNO Survival Techniques video, you can have all that content sent to your RSS compiler, or news reader — like the one I use, Google Reader. You no longer have to go all over the internet to check whether there’s anything new; if there is, it comes to you.

Now you can subscribe to RSS feeds from this web site based on the category you’re interested in. By subscribing to specific categories, whenever we post something new in a category you’ve chosen, the article will automatically be sent to your reader. But if we post something in a category that doesn’t interest you, you won’t be bothered!

Look for the category specific RSS feeds in a widget near the top right of the page, just under the “search” bar.

New YouTube playlist RSS. The image at the top of the page is a screenshot of one of our new YouTube playlists. Playlists are handy because you can watch just the videos you’re interested in, one right after another. We have developed a way for you to subscribe to the playlist itself. This is just like the category specific RSS right here on SNO, except that it sends the videos in a specific playlist directly from YouTube. YouTube doesn’t provide an easy way to subscribe to specific playlists, but we did! You can find them on the Videos main page, or just do it right here by clicking on the following links, which should open your default RSS feed reader:

  • YouTube Survival Gear Playlist RSS
  • YouTube Guns Playlist RSS
  • YouTube Survival Techniques Playlist RSS

New feed from The Truth About Liberty. Since we’re implementing all this RSS, we went ahead and inserted an RSS feed into a widget here at Survival News Online. This pulls excerpts from the latest entries at The Truth About Liberty blog,  the best source on the web for information about God-given liberty and the foundations of the United States (you can be sure of this because SnoMan himself runs that site :) ). If you’re worried about the course of the country; if you want your children to be free; if you think your liberties are being assaulted on every side; if you want to restore constitutional government in this country, then The Truth About Liberty is for you. Oh, and be sure to buy the book.

Only $14.95 — Order Now!

Learn more about the book

Preview Chapter One

And finally, we have New, Easier Social Network Sharing Features. Just above the text of every blog post we have added a new and easier way to share our content across popular social networks like Facebook, Digg, and Google Buzz. We have the kind of content that everyone needs to know, so be sure to promote our blog to friends, family, and acquaintances. We’re not trying to keep emergency preparedness a secret; if we were, we wouldn’t have written this blog to start with! Seriously, preparedness helps everyone, as we discussed here.

If you have any suggestions about how to make our site more user-friendly, just let us know.


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