Analysis of White House Response to Secession Petitions

by Mudrostovitsch, Texas Secede!

As we’ve previously pointed out, petitioning the White House for ‘permission’ to secede is a silly way of asserting the right to self-government, but it’s at least an interesting way to see where popular sentiment is heading. And the recent flurry of petitions does seem to reveal that sentiment to be heading somewhere other than the status quo.

In any case, it appears that one Jon Carson, ostensibly spokesperson for the White House, has finally issued a (rather historically and legally ignorant) response piece of propaganda on behalf of the White House in answer to the many secession petitions.

Like a typical contemporary government functionary, Mr. Carson presumes to fabricate both history and law as he goes along, and the public is presumably expected to naïvely ‘go along’ like good little subjects (after all, it’s from the White House!).

Carson says the founding fathers ‘enshrined’ in the Constitution ‘the right to change our national government through the power of the ballot,’ but ‘they did not provide a right to walk away from it.’ He seems to have forgotten that: …

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