Month: December 2012

Surviving Norovirus in Austere Conditions

Norovirus (“stomach flu”) is one of the most infectious viruses around. It takes fewer than 20 virus particles to infect someone, so each droplet of vomit has enough virus to infect over 100,000 people. In the United States, norovirus causes 21 million illnesses annually, requiring 70,000 hospitalizations, of which 800 result in death. Surviving a …

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Preppers — Enemies of the State

Self-reliant individuals are, in the state’s own estimation, enemies of the state. You’re being targeted because you’re not dependent on them. The state profits from dependency, and self-reliance affects their bottom line. But if you’re thinking you should just hunker down and disappear from the radar, think again. You can hide from mindless dependents panicking …

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Simple Jerky Recipe

Drying meat is an easy way to preserve it for survival or emergency use. Jerky is a generic term for salted and dried meat, optionally smoked prior to drying. Properly dried and stored, it will keep for years, although the specific time will depend on several variables. Generally speaking, any dried, cured, or canned food …

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