Survivalism is for everyone.

Our survival tips, tricks, and techniques will help in emergency situations from a simple flat tire to long-term economic depression, and our headlines will keep you informed of political developments affecting our liberties. You never know when these skills and information might come in handy. Consider:

  • A nationally televised “not guilty” verdict causes riots in LA.
  • A hurricane turns New Orleans first into a third-world anarchy, then a third-world, jackboot, gun-stealing dictatorship.
  • A massive earthquake destroys half a million homes in Chile, and just a few hours later people are already looting and rioting.

In every case, the emergency struck too quickly for thorough preparation. Even the few days warning before a hurricane are not enough to stock up all the supplies and acquire the survival skills needed to thrive where others don’t.

Survival News Online can help you prepare for all kinds of emergencies so you can care for yourself and your family. The information is provided in the following categories:

Headlines — part of being prepared is having an understanding of the times. keep abreast of headlines around the world that deal with survival issues, emergency planning, self-reliance…. and, of course, political developments affecting our liberties.

Survival Plans — what’s in your bugout bag? What’s in your everyday carry bag? What should you stock, and how much? We’ll help you develop a custom survival plan for any situation.

Survival Gear — information about survival clothing, cooking utensils, flashlights, packs, and various survival tools.

Survival Food — how to prepare the right kind and amount of survival food and water for specific emergency situations.

Gardening and Hunting — how to get food from the land when your emergency stock is gone.

Health and Wellness — learn how to use herbs, over-the-counter items, and homeopathic remedies to treat most medical conditions without expensive doctors or pharmaceuticals… which may not be available anyway.

Econ 101 — the fundamentals of economics are easy to understand, and absolutely essential for having an understanding of the times we live in. If you don’t know what fiat money is, read this section.

Guns — the United States is, at least for now, one of the few countries that guarantees its citizens the right to keep and bear arms. Learn what type of gun is suitable for concealed carry, home defense, or mob control.

To find what you’re looking for, click on the relevant category in the sidebar under “Categories.”

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