SNO Photo Contest – $100 Prize

Enter your picture to win a $100 gift card from iCard Giftcard, SNO’s first corporate sponsor. Second prize is an autographed copy of The Truth About Liberty (a $25 value). Third prize is a free Tooblite Mini. Entries will be posted on our Pinterest board.

Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2012.

We want to see your Glowpak, Paqlite, or Tooblite in action. The Glowpak is the SNO Gear brand of the Paqlite, and is manufactured by the same people. So whether you purchased a Glowpak or a Paqlite, your photo qualifies for the contest! Take a photo and send it using the contact form below.

Contest Rules

  1. Photos must be from 400 to 680 pixels wide and no taller than 680 pixels
  2. File type must be jpg or gif
  3. Maximum file size is 500k
  4. They may show your Glowpak or Tooblite in any situation or lighting. Be creative!
  5. You may submit up to three photos for consideration
  6. Photos may be edited or “photoshopped” however you like
  7. Photos will be judged for composition, creativity, imaginative product use, and suitability for the SNO audience
  8. No nudity or sexual innuendo — this is a family-friendly blog!
  9. All submissions are governed by the Terms of Use and become the property of Survival News Online
  10. Survival News Online will be the sole judge for the contest, and prizes will be awarded in its sole and exclusive discretion
  11. Employees, affiliates, sponsors, or principals of SNO Multimedia, SNO Holdings, LLC, UV Paqlite, and Brightline Holdings, LLC, are ineligible


Of course, you can do better than these!

Tooblite 6 inch lighting the nightstand

Glowpak 8 x 10 as a reading light

Tooblite Mini on the key chain

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