Huge SNO Prepper Gear Giveaway

I am very pleased to bring you the opportunity to win these prizes. I’m not offering just whatever I could find; I’m offering stuff I have tested and found useful enough to add to my personal kit, and I’m very picky. I personally vouch for the utility and quality of these products — or I wouldn’t offer them!

It’s simple. Perform the actions in the Giveaway Widget below (some are mandatory, some are optional). For each action you take, you earn points. The more points you earn, the greater your chances of winning. On the drawing date, a winner will be chosen randomly and contacted at the email address provided to arrange delivery of the prizes. All entrants consent to the Terms and Conditions in the giveaway widget.

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1. 100% Wool Boreal Shirt by Lester River Bushcraft


Prize value $250 — This is my favorite new item in the survival kit. It is made from 100% wool US military blankets; the design and build are absolutely top notch, and I can’t recommend it enough. I have previously reviewed it here. The winner will be awarded a coupon for a Boreal Shirt from Lester River Bushcraft. (Color may vary; entrant will choose from available sizes, see sizing info; custom sizes not available).

Note about sizing: These shirts are cut large to allow for under layers. I’m normally a Large, but this shirt in a Medium fits me perfectly with one under layer. With two under layers it’s still comfortable but just a little tight if I’m chopping wood or consistently reaching overhead. Based on my personal preference and the climate where I live (middle TN, USA), I’m happy with the Medium size despite the fact that I’m normally a Large. When I did the 7 Rookie Prepper Mistakes video, I had one underlayer and it was 10 degrees F and windy. I was perfectly comfortable for the 50 minutes it took to rehearse and shoot the 7-minute vid.

From the manufacturer: The Boreal Shirt is a full coverage 100% Wool shelter for your woodland pursuits. With a generous fit and rugged construction, this shirt might never return to your closet. It’s cut long enough to shield your hips, and wide to stuff with layers.

The wrists cinch shut with stainless steel snaps, while the hood and neck gauntlet close down with draw cords. There’s a bungee at the hem to stop drafts and let you adjust the length. The front pocket offers shelter for your hands, and multiple storage pouches for gathering. There’s even a zippered pocket for your valuables and two lashing rings for keys or tools.

Wool is naturally flame retardant, antibacterial, and resistant to dirt and oils. It holds body heat when it’s wet, and wicks moisture away from your body to regulate your personal environment. (Sheep aren’t bright, but they are tough.) You’ll spend less time worrying about staying clean, working with fire in camp, or changing your layers when the temperatures shift. What’s more, we’ve pre-shrunk the fabric so you can care for it at home. Handmade with Pride in Duluth, Minnesota.

Info here

Lester River Bushcraft on Facebook


2. Sport Berkey Water Filter Bottle from LPC Survival


Prize value $24.99 — Of all the ways to treat questionable water, this is my favorite. I take it everywhere and even treat tap water with it, because I don’t like the taste of chlorine. I have previously reviewed it here.

From the manufacturer: The Sports Berkey Water Bottle Filter Eliminates or Reduces up to 99.9% of:

  • Unpleasant taste and odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment and chlorine.
  • Toxic chemicals: Trihalomethanes, VOCs, detergents, pesticides, etc.
  • Harmful microscopic pathogens: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-coli 99.99999% and other pathogenic bacteria.
  • Heavy metals: Aluminum, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, and Mercury.
  • Radiologicals: Radon 222

Sport Berkey Water bottles hold 22 ounces of Water. The Berkey Sport Bottle is an effective Portable Water Filter for on the go, travel or just to take to the office.

Info here

LPC Survival on Facebook


3. S3 Cases T1000 Mini Survival Kit Case

S3 Case - t1000

Prize value $9.95 — This is a hard-shell, waterproof protective case for your survival kit, flash drive, batteries, or valuables. You can see my kit here.

From the manufacturer: This is the first in our line of small plastic cases. A versatile case that is often used around water, it’s good for carrying electronic car keys, essential medications or GPS tracking devices. When customized, it has been used to house a GPS unit to track wind and surface speeds as well as locations for sailboarders. A foam case insert has been made to meet the needs of clients like Audio-Bauer. The T1000 has also served as a hard shipping case for Accu-Rite for the shipping of expensive glass lenses. Custom inserts have been made to allow an optically clear see-thru lid. This case is offered in red with a dive strip for use in the scuba diving world.

Info here

S3 on Facebook


4. Granite Gear Round Rock Solid Compression Stuffsack 11 Liter

Round Rock Solid Compression Sacks

Prize value $26.95 — Compression sacks reduce the volume of clothing and other compressible gear, so you can carry more stuff in a smaller pack. I’m giving away an 11-liter sack, which is what I use in my bugout bag.

From the manufacturer: The classic compression sack we invented in 1986. “Guide’s Choice” form the American Alpine Institute. Still a standard in the outdoor industry, as well as the tactical world, and often copied, never equaled.

Info here

Granite Gear on Facebook


5. aLoksak


Prize value $8.39 — Military grade plastic zip bag, waterproof to 200 feet.

From the manufacturer: The aLOKSAK is an element-proof storage bag that prevents leakage and preserves items against damage from water, air, dust and humidity. These bags are made of a durable polyethylene blended film and are 100% water/air tight. They are considered disposable though, unlike other 100% water/air tight bags, they can be opened and resealed numerous times.

Info here

Loksak on Facebook


6. Static V Inflatable Camping Pad



Prize value $59.95 — This inflatable pad is more comfortable and much more compact than a foam pad. Plus, Klymit has solved the problem of bed pads that take forever to inflate — this one takes just 10-15 breaths.

From the manufacturer: The Klymit Static V is a lightweight camping pad using body mapping technology at an entry level price. It features the V-chamber design which limits air movement and heat loss while offering a uniquely ergonomic body map optimzed for performance and comfort. It inflates in approximately 10-15 breaths to save time and energy. Like all of the other Klymit camping pads it features an easy-to-use push valve which allows for quick inflation and deflation.

Info here

Klymit on Facebook

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