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What is a clay pot candle heater, and is it worth building? (With steps)

RobertAug 17, 202111 min read

A big part of survival is making sure you’re sufficiently warm. Normally, you rely on various machines and contraptions to provide heat to the household, but what if those options become unavailable to you? In a prolonged grid outage, electricity…

An Emergency Radio With Multiple Power Sources

SnoManApr 29, 20144 min read
An Emergency Radio With Multiple Power Sources

Let’s not get too excited about Doomsday. I know some people were disappointed when nothing happened in Y2K, but if doomsday really does happen, the initial excitement will wear off, reality will set in, and cold, heat, hunger, and thirst…

Emergency Tool Kit Project

SnoManMay 24, 20125 min read
Emergency Tool Kit Project

Paring down a tool kit to its bare essentials An emergency tool kit is not a “survival kit,” and it’s not a “bugout bag.” Nor is it the same as your common household tool kit. Rather, it’s a set of…

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