Chigger Infestation! And How to Get Rid of Them

While filming a segment of Survival Tips in a bamboo patch I got into a chigger nest. Take a look at all those chiggers on my pants! There were dozens of them, but I took care of it with some common rubbing alcohol. You can also use turpentine or petroleum products, but don’t dance with the devil while you’re pouring that stuff. Chiggers look just like a tick, but much smaller. They don’t burrow into your skin — that’s a myth. They stay on the surface of your skin and bite, and because they’re so tiny they’re pretty hard to pull off once they latch on.

3 thoughts on “Chigger Infestation! And How to Get Rid of Them”

  1. True story. My husband’s friend and family took us fishing.
    Friend, wife, 3 children, friend’s MIL, me and husband.
    Of the eight, seven had a bad case of chiggers when we got to the friend’s house.
    I got home with not one bite. I can only owe it to having my body completely covered in lotion as I checked and none of the others lotioned their bodies that morning.
    True story.

  2. How to get them off once infected. Me and my buddy came home from hunting as teenagers to find we had a bad case of chiggers. My dad who learned this in the CC camps told us to go to the utility room, strip to our underwear then wipe ourselves down with kerosene. Wait 15 minutes then take a shower. No chiggers! The kerosene caused the little buggers to back out of there hold on you in order to breath. Once unconnected the shower washed them down the drain. Absolutely no chiggers left.

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