All About Jack Phoenix the Movie

SNOmultimedia and Command Performers are collaborating to produce a post-apocalyptic desert survival movie that celebrates self-reliance, independence, and liberty, all in the context of an exciting story about a regular family man who rises above all the challenges the bad guys — and nature — throw at him. Sounds pretty good, eh?

The hero’s name is John Stanford, but when he makes online survivalist videos, he goes by the name Jack Phoenix. John is the former CFO for a major US military technology company, and “Jack” is his online persona. His videos are filmed by his daughter Zoe Stanford, who also maintains her own video blog (more on that below).

John/Jack is played by actor Kenny Jezek:

Kenny Jezed as "JACK PHOENIX"

Zoe is played by Shiloh Jezek:

Shiloh Jezed as ZOE STANFORD

To keep track of the movie, you need to understand a little about our marketing strategy. We have a standard official movie web site, a blog for the fictional Jack Phoenix videos, and a blog for the fictional Zoe Stanford videos. So the Jack and Zoe blogs are blogs about the fictional character who will appear in the movie. You’re going to want to follow those in order to have some back story when the movie comes out.

Here are the relevant web sites:

  • – this is the official movie web site with standard “here’s our movie” content, like interviews with the actors, production updates, and behind-the-scenes info.
  • – this is Jack Phoenix’s web site, where he posts his survival skills videos. I think it’s pretty obvious I helped choose his wardrobe. :D
  • – this is Zoe Stanford’s web site where she posts videos about her film project she’s doing for school. You’ll see her learn how to do lighting, composition, audio, and so on. As you watch, be sure to look for background info about how John Stanford becomes “Jack Phoenix,” and why.
  • Jack Phoenix Facebook page
  • Jack Phoenix Twitter
  • Zoe Stanford Twitter

You Can Help!!

So far we have received literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of help for the production already. Someone has offered to let us borrow an awesome camera. Alice Cooper, the rock star, has agreed to let us shoot at Cooperstown, his restaurant in Phoenix. (GRATEFUL PLUG: Please check out Alice’s awesome charity — Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock). A generous couple has offered to let us use their beautiful house to shoot the scenes that take place at John/Jack’s house. We have also been given housing, transportation, audio equipment, and even a studio to build our interior sets, and the materials to build them with! This doesn’t even cover all of the services being provided by graphics artists, social media consultants, production crew, and so on.

The readers here at SNO, and the YouTube subscribers… you guys are very awesome. You have provided tons of feedback, advice, and products for review, all kinds of support in the social media, referrals to friends and family, and more. I know you’re interested in helping people develop survival skills and raise awareness about self-reliance and independence, so I feel comfortable asking you to help out with this.

Kickstarter Project

Mounting a production like this — even on a micro-budget — is incredibly challenging. We don’t have investors or major distributors, so we have to rely on assistance from people just like you. That’s why we started a Jack Phoenix Kickstarter Project. Kickstarter is a program that enables you to make small or large financial contributions and get rewards for doing so! There are lots of details on the Kickstarter page, so be sure to take a look, and please consider making a $50 or $100 contribution to the production budget. For $500 you can even receive Executive Producer credit, along with a lot of other perks. But we even have it set up so you can help with as little as $5. Everything helps!

One thing to understand is that with Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing. If we don’t get all $10,000, we don’t get any of it. Also, it’s time-limited, so time is of the essence! We have only until June 18 to raise the production funds, so please consider making your contribution today!

Social Media Engagement

I can’t stress enough how helpful it is when you engage us in social media. So if you’re wanting to be a gigantic help, here’s what you can do:

  • go to the blogs and sign up for updates
  • like Jack on Facebook
  • “Share” our articles, videos, updates, etc.
  • follow Jack and Zoe on Twitter
  • tell friends about it in person and online

You can make all the difference. We can’t make this project successful without you!


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