About My Product Recommendations

I only include links to products and retailers that I approve of and trust.

If I include a link to a specific product (like my Amazon links, for example), it is usually because I have personally tested that product or one that is similar.

Sometimes I link to a product I have not tested, but only after researching the product and determining that it is a good choice for the intended use. For example, I do not own a solar-powered radio, but I have researched the Kaito KA600 and have determined that it is a good radio for emergencies, which has redundant charging methods and a broad range of useful bands.

Of course, not all recommendations will be appropriate for your particular situation or budget. I’m just trying to help you decide.

Your feedback is important!

Feel free to comment about recommended products. Your experience and opinion can help others be better prepared. (Make your comments on the page where I link to the product).

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